iYWnspiration Training Course

In February 2020, from 15 until 21 in Radom, Poland FAQM Foundation hosted training course “iYWnspiration” for youth workers who wanted to develop the competences and knowledge for including youngsters with and without disabilities to their everyday youth work in centers/projects. During the TC participants got acquainted with developed training program, including modules on social inclusion focusing on youngsters with disabilities, empowerment and methodologies. After the TC the youth workers can use the practical tools, methods and inspirations to plan and realise the inclusive activities in their groups. 16 youth workers from Estonia, Georgia, Armenia and Poland participated in iYWnspiration TC. The learning process of participants was supported by 2 trainers from Estonia.

Learning methods: the training course was be based on experiential learning, non-formal education methods. The participants were the main influencers of their own learning process. A part of this TC was visiting the Invisible exhibition and workshop about deaf culture and non-formal learning facilitiated by deaf trainers Konrad Kozłowski and Artur Werbel.

For the purpose of iYWnspiration were created tools, the videos on disability from experts on inclusion of people with mental illness, visually impaired, blind, deaf, intellectual disabilities inspired by TED talks.

  1. Inclusion of deaf people
  2. Inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities
  3. Inclusion of blind people
  4. Inclusion of people with mental illness
  5. Inclusion of visually impaired people

Selection of the photos /click on the photo/:

iYWnspiration TC is a part of Inclusive Youth Work project, KA2 supported by Erasmus Plus Program