Inclusive Youth Work

„Inclusive Youth Work” KA2 project financed by  Erasmus+ Program is a 24 months lasting international partnership (from Feb. 2019 until Jan. 2020). It includes organisations from 4 countries: Estonia, Armenia, Poland and Georgia. The international partnership is conducted by: Tartu Noorsootöö Keskus, Armavir Development Center, Research – Intellectual Club „Dialogue of generations”, Fundacja proFesjonalni Aktywni Qlturalni Mlodzi (FAQM Foundation).

FAQM Foundation together with local partners represented by W.Broniewski Secondary School in Koszalin (II LO im. W.Broniewskiego in Koszalin) and J.Siestrzyński School in Warsaw (OSWG im. J.Siestrzyńskiego w Warszawie) represents Poland.

The priority of the project is social inclusion. The main objective of the project is to build capacities of participating organisations in improving and innovating inclusion of youngsters with disabilities through fostering specific competences among youth workers of benefit to young people’s active participation in society and youth work.

The objectives of the project are: to empower youth workers by providing methodology and trainings on topic of inclusive youth work, to create and develop module project about inclusive youth work in five languages based on best experience of the partner organisations reflecting country reality, to rise awareness about social inclusion and youth with a disabilities and establish new approaches of youth work by integrating social work, non-formal learning and youth work, to create international social network of inclusive youth workres to suport their everyday work.

In Feb. 2019 in Tartu, Estonia was organised the first meeting of the partners in order to share the tasks and responsabilities as well as establish communication channels and ensure visibility of the project.

In May 2019 in Armavir, Armenia was organised study visit, so the partners could learn about the best practices of Armanian’s third sector in social inclusion of children and young people with disability. To watch the visual resume of the study visit, click the photo below.

From 27 Oct. to 02.11.2019 in Tskaltubo in Georgia hold place seminar with experts from all partner countries. During seminar the participants manager to finalise the main objectives, agreed and created content of the final product – the training course program for youth workers. The very first users of the training program will be the youth workers participating in TC in Radom, Poland in Feb. 2020.

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